PROMISE, YOU WILL LOVE ME is the book that made everyone cry! Somehow I expected the book to make readers sad but when I started getting all that phone calls and messages were people were crying so much while reading the book I was at the same time scared and happy. Scared of making people sad while reading my book, but happy because every writer wants a strong reaction from his book. 

The story of the book is not so simple, mainly it is because of the main character Ilina who is dealing with one of the scariest modern time illnesses - depression. As many people out there, she also doesn't ask for professional help and she tries to deny the illness leading her to make a total mess of her life. We can say that it wasn't her fault but we also learn that asking for help can save your life. One battle after another she tries to fight life, but it is never that easy. 

Losing the love of her life and marrying the wrong man just because she is pregnant ends her in a loveless marriage and total self-destruction. 

This book even do it will make you cry so much, at the end will tell you a very strong message, we all need to be very careful with the life decisions that we make, it is not all a destiny, it is very much our own life decisions that create our life path and if we are not careful we can make regrets that will haunt us for the rest of our life. And we will beg for another chance to make things right, but that's the thing about life - it doesn't give you always a second chance! 

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I will be happy to receive your message and tell me how you liked my book and what was your impression. 

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