The diet you’ve been looking for!

Hi everyone!

I promised you that I will share my diet and weigh lost with you, so here is it.

First of all the one information that you should know is that before I started the diet I actually went on "NO SUGAR" eating for 40 days straight!

I really need it to stop eating chocolate, sweets, cookies or anything sweet actually. It wasn't easy, on the 15th day I went sugar crazy almost ate the sugar in my kitchen. But anyway I will tell this story in another post.

So after I went on 40 days of sugar-free eating I was ready to start the diet.

This diet is very easy, cheap and the best thing is that you are not hungry, you CAN EAT A LOT!

When I started the diet I was 69 kg, after the diet I was 61, 8 kg in 20 days, not bad at all!

The hardest part for me in this diet was not drinking alcohol for 20 days! 🙂 I mean I love my wine! 🙂 But in the end, it was worth it!

And nowhere is it the menu:

  • You can eat as much as you like for lunch and dinner but between the two meals you have to make at least a 4-6 hour break and not eat.
  • The breakfast is fruit every day as much as you like but try to eat less banana or not at all. If you must 1 banana for breakfast is enough.
  • Because you can't eat sweets or anything with sugar try to put some dry fruit in the breakfast like dry cherries or raisins, so your body can receive a healthy sugar dose so you can survive without eating sweets. 🙂


Let us start now with the menu:

Day 1: Pasta (cooked any way you want it, with cheese and yogurt or not)

Day 2: Rice (cooked any way you want it)

Day 3, 4 and 5: Chicken meat (cooked any way you want but try to make it less greasy) with salad.

Day 6, 7 and 8: Veal meat (cooked for 2 hours in the water on slow temperature so you can eat it and enjoy in the flavor, I will definitely share my way of cooking veal since a lot of people find it hard to eat this meat that is so much healthier than beef )

Day 9,10 and 11: Any kind of fish with a salad. (you can eat can tuna too, try the one with water instead of oil but if you don't find it just eat the regular one.)

Day 12, 13 and 14: Beans food - you can eat a baked bean, pease or lens. I go with the baked bean, I make enough for three days and I am good to go 🙂 Remeber you eat it without bread!

Day 15 and 16: Potatoes, I just like to boil them or baked them in the oven.

Day 17: It is a fruit day. You eat all the fruit that you want for the whole day. In fact, this became my favorite day!

Day 18: The same as day 1 - Pasta (cooked any way you want it, with cheese and yogurt or not)

Day 19: Same as day 2 - Rice (cooked any way you want it)

Day 20: I don't do this day, it is the chocolate day, you can eat chocolate as 2 of your meals, but when I came to day 20 of the diet I was already 8kg down so for me it was not worth it to eat sugar. So I just continued eating healthy - fruit for breakfast, salad, and meat for lunch, just salad for dinner.

After the diet, I didn't want to ruin the effort so it was easier for me and far better to just continue to eat healthily. But you can have then and there a piece of pizza or chocolate. But just remember that you come so far, why ruined all for a burger!



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