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Ivana Naskova

Writer, Stand Up Comedian, TV, and Radio Show Host.

Proud owner of www.ivananaskova.com the place where you -

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Perfect Stranger by Ivana Naskova

Romance novel about life, career and love. What is the right choice between career and love? Do you choose the man in front of you who loves you and want to give you the world, or you go for that perfect stranger that can make your heart brake in pieces?


Promise, you will love me by Ivana Naskova

A love story about losing the love of your life and losing yourself in the process of getting better. Mistakes that we make because we don't want to admit that we were wrong and we need help. A story that will make you cry but it will also teach you that you have to be very careful about your life making decisions because sometimes life doesn't give you a SECOND CHANCE!